Monday, September 25, 2017

Three Dimensional Political Compass Spectrum

Type: Imperialist
- Real Example: Greco-Romanic Empire, Various European empires, and perhaps the USA under Republican government since the late 20th century.
- Fictional Example: The Leviathan state (Thomas Hobbes), Various aggressive strongholds in novels and games, Dark Force in Star Wars
- Advantage: Rapidly growing capital and accumulating wealth. Encouraging cosmopolitanism and unity under a stable protection of this robust political regime.
- Disadvantage: Costly to prop up due to the unlimited need of expansion. Perpetuating frustration of the marginalised individuals forced to subordinate.

Type: Oligarchist
- Real Example: Most of private corporations in the global capitalism. Perhaps the USA under Democratic government since 20th century.
- Fictional Example: Brave New World (Aldous Huxley)
- Advantage: Encouraging meritocracy motivating individuals to be competent to live. Rapidly improving the material living standards
- Disadvantage: Increasing social problems caused by anomie where individuals lose their means of living. Blunt cultural characteristic

Type: Nationalist/Patriotist
- Real Example: Scottish Nationalist, One Nation Tory, the typical characteristics of Japanese nation, Various modern Asian nations
- Fictional Example: Various kingdoms established by rebels.
- Advantage: Preserving its own culture, history, and identity.
- Disadvantage: Excess emphasis on its cultural superiority by looking down the others. Perpetuating the romanticism intoxicating individuals with day dream.

Type: Marxist-Socialist
- Real Example: Controversial to say if it has really existed.
- Fictional Example: Socialist world in Capital (Marx).
- Advantage: Efficiently reducing social problems like crime&deviance and discrimination against minority.
- Disadvantage: Weak economy and freedom of choice. Easily encouraging the corruption by bureaucrats.

Type: Democratic-Conservative
- Example: The Untied States of America from 18th to 19th century. Confederate State of America
- Advantage: Developing and preserving self-autonomy of individual-citizens and their culture and religion.
- Disadvantage: Excess emphasis on religion, traditional-values, and individuals' freedom while neglecting material well-being and economic and social stability

Type: Communitarian/Primitivist
- Example: Paganism, Counter-culture, Islamism
- Advantage: Growing strong spirituality invincible in any challenging situations
- Disadvantage: Significantly difficult to promote innovations and convenient material living standard.

Type: Anarcho-Syndicalism
- Example: Republican Spain during the Civil War
- Advantage: Having achieved the high level of spiritual happiness and equality of individual citizens while maintaining the reasonable level of industrial productivity and military strength.
- Disadvantage: Seeming to be vulnerable to survive because it existed only in a short time period. Maybe suffering from the same socio-economic consequence as Marxist-Socialist.

Type: Libertarian/Objectivist (Anarch-Individualism)
- Real Example: Never existed yet.
- Fictional Example: John Gould Gulch in Atlas Shrugged (Ayn Rand)
- Advantage: Rationality prevails everywhere in life: Fairness of all agreements, trades, and individuals' autonomy are guaranteed. All individuals are literally completely free to live and die.
- Disadvantage: Only the super-persons would survive and weak vulnerable individuals may severely struggle to live.

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