Thursday, August 02, 2012

Humans have no instinct

Some natural scientists claim that animals can learn to divert from their instinctive way of their life (This article described as a form of evolution) as long as they can
learn in the environment with plenty rich information sets available. I thought that these scientists' way of deduction was very suspicious, and then I became sceptical about what they analyse when I read the part "instincts (survival, killer, selfish, reproductive, numerous emotions, fears and disgusts etc)." It can be still controversial to define, and there are many not only natural scientists but also philosophers think of these actions as "instincts".

By contrast, I strongly disagree with it because human-beings are able to "control" these motives, and "choose" between different qualities even though these choices are sharing a common characteristics. E.g. Good food v.s. Bad food, Good Sex v.s. Bad Sex.

When chicks (Baby birds) are hatched from their egg, they instinctively follow whom they see at the first time just immediately after their hatch. By contrast, human-babies have got a lot of ways to express their emotion unlike animals and plants even the time immediately after they are born.

They mentioned that mammals are closer to human-beings. But, I still disagree with it. During sex, mammal animals just ejacuate as soon as they come as it is their instinct. By contrast, human-beings take ejacuation as a part of their motive based on their will. We try to control when we ejacuate to create a better orgasm as possible. Animals including mammals have orgasm passively, but human-beings "seek" orgasm by having sex.

I would say that all these actions and motivations these scientists mentioned in this article you introduced are "biological reaction for needs" rather than "instincts". As the dictionary defines, instinct is "**fixed**" pattern of behavior in animals in response to certain stimuli". So, as long as we can overcome, they should not be called instincts.

God endow all animals with special strength and instincts of using their strength. Birds are endowed with the ability to fly and nice looking feathers, and instinctively decide where to fly, not by their will. Lions and Tigers are endowed
with the enormous strength to hunt, but they do not have their own will to change their habit. By contrast, human-beings are endowed with nothing. Human-beings are such fragile, weak, and colourless. But, God endow human-beings with a special gift which is "will", and emancipated human-beings from the restriction of instincts! Amen...!

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