Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Top 10 Millitary Leaders in World History

10 Takeaki Enomoto Genius of diplomacy, language, and tactics. He attempted to establish the federal republic of Japan instead of Meiji restoration

9 Saladin He defeated many crusaders to save peaceful Islamic communities. He was famous for his mercifulness.

8 Friedrich Barbarossa Joined 3rd Crusader. Emperor, scientist ,and artist. He lead Tutonic empire to be unified and expanded.

7 Julius Caesar Charismatic Roman General. Known for ordering troops and the great usage of siege weapons.

6 Elwin Rommel The Desert Fox. His tactics brought German various victories in Africa. The best general ever in German History!

5 Genghis Khan Unified scattered normad trivals into one huge empire. Known for his great usage of mounted archer bands.

4 Oliver Cromwell Lord Protector of Great Britain. Founder of New Modelled Army. He brought meritocracy into British military.

3 Napoleon Bonaparte Established a great new law and order. Genius of artillery usage. His great usage of cannons lead France to invade Italy.

2 Zhuge Liang Kongming The genius Chinese from the state of Shu-Han. His knowledge was beyond humans' at the contemporary time period

1 Alexandros The Great No one can be more famous tactician than him! His tactics is still influential in this modern world military tactics

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