Thursday, December 01, 2011

On Striking Action by Trade Unions: Unconfortable Proletariat Culture...

All those went for strike should not be paid! Although I don't say the union bargaining power should be zero, I despise trade unions' influences on economy and their style of living....! Oppresive trade union is one of the notorious obstacle in both macro-economic environment! If I were one of these workers, I would rather choose to go to work at the work place or quit working to go to another place rather than joining this collective bargaining with the comrade proletariats! Although I am not particularly a bourgeoigie, I detest scrumming with these proletariats.... :( I'd rather be a private individual than a tiny member of these proletariats calling themselves "loving comrades" in this uncomfortable collective action :(

If there is not an unnecessary strong proletariats' wage bargaining power, it does not need to have a wealth re-distribution through an intensive fiscal policy which is conducted by a big government. If this excess resistance by proletariats is diminished, we just only need the spontaneous mechanism of free market plus only a little fiscal policy intervention to correct the business cycle movement :)

... It is definitely the time to de-regulate the labour market! We should adapt a further more flexible labour market! Also, they should set a common unified financial regulation of transactions in the financial market in the enture global economy in order to encourage the efficient and stable flow of capital inside the globe! Reduce all the national trade unions in to establish a flexible flow of labourers and capital in the entire globe!

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