Sunday, December 31, 2017

2018 New Year Forecast: Conservativeness, Unintelligibleness, and Cryptocurrency

1. Introduction
There have been so many incredible and unexpected scenarios taking place in this world these years. The development of the economic and political globalism seems to stagnate. The management of both nation-states and corporations also seems to struggle as they tend to be directed to the undesired consequences such as perpetually accumulating deficit and losing their ethical path. Many economic and political administrators have whispered that these events are unexpected and incredible.

Nonetheless, this world is at an ethical and technological transitional period which many have not explicitly realised. The globalisation will continue advancing although their advancement is temporarily stagnating due to the current fashion of majority individual's preferences. The picture of the financial economy will be furthermore diversified due to the drastic transformation of the world monetary system.

2. Astrology: Conservativeness and Unintelligibleness

This is the astrology chart of 1st January, 2018. The main focus on this chart is the position of Saturn and Neptune which will significantly affect the characteristics of this year. Individuals will experience the deep characteristics of the postmodern nihilism during this time period.

3. Saturn and Capricorn: Conservativeness
Since last 20th December, Saturn has started crossing the ascendant in Capricorn, and Saturn stays in this position for approximately 3 years. Capricorn is Saturn's own zodiacal sign so that the effect of both Saturn and Capricorn will be remarkably strong. This implies that the trend of conservativeness is emphasised and people focus more on the local and micro level of their life than the global and macro level. Furthermore, both Saturn and Capricorn represent patience and responsibility so that the perseverance of individuals for living in their life will be tested.

Economy requires firms to set their conservative rather than expansive management style to overcome from economic recession. Individuals prefer putting priority on developing and improving their local environment to the global counterparts. Those who maintain their responsibility and patience in their daily life will be rewarded well whilst those spending their extravagant life style and abandoning their responsibility in their daily life will be punished.

4. Neptune and Pisces: Unintelligibleness
Neptune is still crossing the ascendant in Pisces, and it takes approximately 8 years from now to finish crossing there. Because Pisces is the own zodiacal sign of Neptune, the characteristics of both Pisces and Neptune have influenced and will influence for 8 years from now. The characteristics are ambiguity, mystery, and spirituality. At this time period, various information flows tend to be inconsistent and decision making processes are hard to be stabilised. Then, many logical predictions are easily undermined due to various obstacles of obtaining information sets, and individuals often put priority on emotional opinions rather than logical and rational opinions during this period.

During this period, individuals lose their trust in many academic and financial analyses because most of these analyses are unable to provide them with a consistent and accurate estimate due to the current chaotic situation of the information flows. By contrast, fictional writing and preaching self-enlightenment will be popular and successful. Fictional writers do not have to be responsible for the conclusion of their stories because they are fictional so neither related to nor affecting the real world situations. Self-enlightenment provides individuals with their ability to self-evaluate their own life by admitting everyone's life style is different from each other so that it is not necessary to indicate a stable consistent solution for everyone.

5. Bitcoin and the other Cryptocurrency: Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Rise of Bitcoin has surprised and influenced individuals in the entire world. It looked like showing the replacement of the current world monetary system from the scratch. Many individuals once predicted that Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrencies would not be so popular because they were too complex to utilise. Nevertheless, they were suddenly surprised at the sudden rise of the share of Bitcoin in 2017, and many have regretted of not having bought it.

Although it was a clever and reasonably profitable action to have purchased Bitcoin and/or another major cryptocurrency, it is unnecessary to regret of not having done so because the bubble of their share will end soon. Unlike the currency issued by a central bank, the money supply of Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency is limited by their mining capacity. The mining capacity is the total capacity of the entire computers in this world for spending their memories and calculations for trading with Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.

The future prediction of cryptocurrency is that they will be used for the asset investments like bonds and stocks more than the intermediary of exchange. This phenomenon has already taken place and it is called Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Venture businesses can join the market using one cryptocurrency or issue their own cryptocurrency to increase their share if they have the level of technology to do it. When these ventures become successful, the value of this cryptocurrency is appreciated so investors may purchase this cryptocurrency as the means of their investment.

Many venture businesses have struggled to invite investors from the world due to the regulation imposed by nation-states' government and a groups of big corporations which restricts these ventures from issuing their bonds and stocks. By contrast, cryptocurrency is out of reach of this kind of regulation because it takes place in the globally connected decentralised environment. This innovation offers ventures with attracting prospective investors from all over the world.

6. Conclusion

This year and these coming years will be a tricky time period that both conservative characteristics and innovative characteristics are revealed simultaneously. The small sized businesses and regional activities will be a big fashion trend. At the same time, the style of globalisation will be transformed from connecting big organisations with each other to connecting small institutes with each other in the global level. Many major academics and financial analysts will be challenged by this era of chaotic information flows, and individuals are expected to set their own life plan and estimates in their own daily life without relying on the others.

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