Thursday, October 30, 2014

Political Compass Revised The Comparison between the Old and the New, Left and Right wing --- Part 3

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6. New Right-wing
The New Right-wing represents Neoliberalism, Utilitarianism, Objectivism, and the developmental dictatorship. This is the political ideology which many human individuals love to hate, and the previously introduced New Left-wingers regard of as their arch-enemy. Unlike the other political ideology groups on the other sides of spectrum, the New Right-wing does not offer any sweet-sounding dream song.

The other political ideology groups on the other sides of spectrum may provide them with some instant satisfaction for promoting their superstition and their rights to act and acquire something. However, these ideologies are less likely to induce the prosperous consequence they would want to induce. These individuals only believe that their believing policy induces the prosperous outcome meanwhile they are not practically guaranteed at all.

The New Right-wing supports the justice determined by the equitable reward and punishment rather than the principle. The incentive to reward for something profitable and comfortable and to punish for something deteriorating the living standard and violating fairness is effective in order to keep the stable and productive distribution and the stable and progressive order. In addition, the principle base of law and contracts should be simple but flexible and practical rather than an ideal abstract one.

As same as the Old Left-wingers, they think highly of the responsibility of acquiring right and liberty and the inevitable conditions imposed by the objective realities so that they insist on the equitable reward and punishment instead of protecting the unconditional right based on the abstract principle. Their difference from the Old Left-wingers is whether they regard of liberty as an impregnable natural right or a useful tool to derive a desirable consequence.

The New Right-wingers regard of the social class as an inevitable factor under. But, unlike the Old Right-wing, the class stratification shall not be based on the zealous worship of superstition and the rigid social norm and value. This stratification process needs to be formed under what the objective realities such as the natural resource limitation, mathematical and scientific factors, and the market mechanism, of the world instruct as.

There is no need of law & order and any structured institutes such as family, company, government, and nation unless there is no resource limitation. Furthermore, there is no norm and value naturally impregnable and rigid in the world: All norms and values are artificially created so that should be flexibly transformed, altered, newly created, and deleted. This change may occur either he nature, the antinomy of artificial concepts, or technology, the mixed factor of nature and artificial, evolves.

Instead if either a human sovereign, such as monarchy and dictator, or an unproductive illogical superstition, individuals ought to be directed by these objectives and treated differently owing to the exogenous objective realities which are based on either the interaction effects of various individuals and the nature or the technological evolution not fully controllable by each one human individual’s effort. Then, individuals can optimise their resource distribution, the incentive to encourage them contributing to increase the greatest sum of the aggregate utility, and cohabit together under an agreeable contract with each other.

The level of both the law enforcement authority and the government intervention into economy depends upon different material and spiritual development of each civilisation and individuals themselves living there. When majority of individuals are rational enough to understand the previously mentioned objective realities and the mechanism to be adapted to, any authority over distribution system and contract creation and management is less likely to be demanded. By contrast, when either majority of individuals are ignorant and immature enough to be unable to understand he previously mentioned objective realities and the mechanism to be adapted to, then some rational paternalistic guardian selected by means of the feasibility to adapting to the objective realities to guide the majority.

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