Saturday, July 28, 2012

I hate Olympics! ...for my cause of individualism though :)

My anti-Olympics opinion is based on individualism such as Ms. Ayn Rand insists on. She said "Thanks very much for this lovely party, but please do not do it again....... I hate parties...!" (Ref. Movie "The Passion of Ayn Rand")

I hate parties and festivals so that I hate Olympic! It is a form of Groupism where individuals fall into the false rejoice by being integrated into a falsely rejoicing group i.e. throwing individuality away to their day dreaming! Damn...!

I only like parties and festivals as long as they have a very special reason to celebrate such as the birthday party of an individual person and a cause such as liberty and civic republicanism. Individuals have to be royal to and devoted in the cause of these parties and festivals when they participate. Olympic?! Who hell really think of its cause?!! Even all athletes participating into it know it is just a circus!

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