Saturday, October 15, 2011

Three Dimensional Political Spectrum

* Prevalence was calculated by multiplying the percentage possibility of policy existence and the percentage of people gaining utility from policy. The level of prevalence becomes higher when the colour become closer to red / orange whereas the level of prevalence becomes lower when the colour becomes closer to pale blue. The higher prevalence means possible to both exist and please people whereas the lower prevalence means less possible to either exist or please people, or both.

* Economic scale shows the size of government and adaptability to the market mechanism. More authoritarian implies big government controls economy. More libertarian implies little or non government interaction exists, and adapting rationally to the natural flow of marchet mechanism.

* Political scale shows the degree of freedom from the political peer pressure such as a unified political ideology, an political institute, and a powerful minority group such as a religious institution and a capitalist corporation. More authoritarian implies people are encouraged or enforced to follow the political peer pressure. More libertarian implies that people are more self-governing themselves.

* Personal scale shows either community/group interest or individual interest prevails. More authoritarian implies the community/group interest comes faster than the individual interest. More libertarian implies that the individual interest comes faster than the community/group interest.

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