Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Vote NO to Scottish independence and protect the union!

I am a devout supporter of remaining Scotland in British Union. I still prefer Scotland to England to live, and prefer Scottish to English people to be friendly with. But, I can still expect Scottish prosperity in British Union.

I follow the principle of Adam Smith which regards that Scotland and England should share their own strength and take advantage of the division of labour and capital based on their own specialisation. In addition, My reason to enthusiastically support British Union is not only the macroeconomic issue but also the political issues. As Matthew Arnold said in his book Culture and Anarchy, British Union has thrived due to sharing the strength of both Anglo-Saxon culture and Celtic culture. Celtic culture is spiritually superior to Anglo-Saxon counterpart meanwhile Anglo-Saxon culture is materially superior to Celtic counterpart. This combination has strengthened Great Britain strong, attractive, and influential even nowadays! I love Scotland, but despise to see her loss of strength in British Union...!

What Scotland after independence will become like a Nordic nation really means

This is a very ostensible picture showing what Scotland becomes a Nordic nation really means!

I have also been warning people of the considerable tax increase after Scottish independence!

The lack of the credible financial gain (The low credit of the national debt and the decreasing share price of the private sector investments owing to the shrinking scale of economics), the lack of the monetary policy channel, the stabliser policy suppressing the price inflation (Tax is often used to calm the inflation), and the inevitable needs of the government expenditure for re-modelling its own economy.

I am really confident to say that Scottish independence inevitably requires the tax rise. The tax will increase not only to obtain the tax revenue for their public expenditure (Re-modelling Scottish economic and political landscape) but also to calm the inflation like Ireland has been doing and struggling with. Practically speaking, unlike American independence, Scottish independence is ** VERY LESS LIKELY** to guarantee a certain level the expected profit (The net revenue).

There are two kinds of socialists in the UK, the unionist socialists, such as the Labour, the Lib-Dem, and British Communists, and the separationist socialists such as the SNP, Scottish Socialist party, and the Solidarity party.

Scottish independence is plotted and motivated by not only the serapationist socialists' ego but also the irrational hatred against English and the unproductive ressentiment about their past. I would like to reduce the tension of this kind of nationalism.

Then, I would like to promote individualism, the free market principle across nations, and the rational and prudential Utilitarian social justice which focus more on the present and the future rather than being restrained in the past among them. Therefore, the Unionist cause is more likely to corresponds to my aspiration!

The SNP's lies & misunderstanding, and the EU's support for the union

Vote NO to Scottish independence and protect the union!

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