Friday, October 05, 2012

Democrat (Socialist) or Republican (Conservative) Civil Engineering: Very Dependent and Relative

The Democrat civil engineering or the Republican alternative?? Both seem to have strong advantages and disadvantages owing to what this image shows!!

The left side city looks clean but this image gives me a lot of negative impacts.

1. Remember that the USSR gov't encouraged the R&D of and building the nuclear power plants because the nuclear power plants are "clean"! I am also sceptical about the power plants renewable energies. Some Nordic country had to import an electricity from the neighbourhood country when they suffered from the lack of wind blowing through the country. Also, the "process of constructing these wind firms" are "highly polluting" per energy produced. Furthermore, wind firms create the "noise pollution". This noise is not hear-able but it produces the sound waves which causes the mental disorder for individuals, and they reach very far away from these firms. Solar panels are relatively more efficinet than these wind firms, and, as long as we choose the place with plenty sunshine, the energy supply is more consistent than these wind firms. But, their cost is inefficiently high, and requires a huge land mass. All in all, the city on the left eventually needs to import the electric power supply from the right hand side city.

2. The labour demand and the job supply are inflexible and/or in shortage enough to require a job centre. The right hand side city seems to have more opportunities to "make money".

3. The left side city seems to be pretty boring, and the right side city seems to be highly exciting. I have got many friends living in a city in the Western countries, and I found out that these friends seem to travel to another state or abroad to seek an entertainment available in the right side city.

4. I found that North Western European countries, which look like the left side, are more likely to have a more monopolised, excessively bureaucratic and regulated financial market than the rest of the world. There is still a controversial discussion about which city model is better to make the financial market more competitive (Less monopolised). Thus, I would conclude that we've never known until we see the experimental result.

5. The right side city does not seem to be a staunch conservative because it allows the "Girls" available explicitly and seemingly legal. I am quire afraid that the left city just "hide" the "Girls" away from public. So, their business activities in the left side city seem to take place in the hidden underground economy or in a form of different name of business (E.g. The "Girls" available inside an Organic Fruit Firm or a Cafe lol). This case scenario has already happened in many Western countries which made these kinds of business activities completely illegal. Because these businesses are "the oldest occupation in human-history" so that it seems to be impossible to cease away.

If I were an politician or a civil engineer in this imaginary state where these two imaginary cities exist in, I would manifesto to build a "bridge" between these cities, and let all individuals to choose. We can temporary build a toll station on the bridge if there seems to be any bad problem happen when crossing bridge becomes completely free. I can imagine that all individuals, except for the politically and morally staunch ones, will move across these two cities on the daily basis and trade between them very often. ;)

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