Sunday, September 09, 2012

Scottish Nationalism = Unproductive Populism

I am afraid of this Scottish nationalism causes the tyranny by Scottish majority.

Well, speaking of the danger from emotional populism, it is quite relevant. Different quantity of the vector, and different characteristic, but not the same but similar quality, it involves. As I love Scotland, and think highly of her industrial productivity and the preservation of her culture, I am against the Scottish nationalism based on the irrational exuberance provoked by the dangerous populism.

I've got a very close English friend who lived in Glasgow for more than 3 years. Although his policy is different from mine, I and he share the same idea about Scotland: We both like Scottish culture but disagree with Scottish independence. We also see Scottish nationalism causes trouble for other British people who are happy to be settled in Scotland but yet want to keep their identity as English =< British.

Jacobitism is rather a romantism, I reckon though. Your perspective of Scotland v.s. Britain is entirely based on the situation before the Glorious revolution. These deserter aristocrats you are talking about were those in Stewart dynasty, right? Yeh, I admit that Stewart dynasty wanted to defeat all their rival clans to take the control over the entire Scotland even with the help from England. During that time period, British politics was not modernised enough to provide both Scottish and English people with the well-beings. Even though the other clans fighting against Stewart's domination would not have been able to guarantee the good life for the ordinary Scottish people. So, it is irrelevant with Scottish people's will to talk about the conflict among different clans.

Nonetheless, since the glorious revolution and then the industrial revolution took place, British union has become very beneficial to both Scottish and English people. Many ordinary Scottish people became quite happy to be part of British Union because of the benefit from the high productivity based on the large economic scale and the proud as a part of the colonial master nation. Jacobite, who claimed for Scottish independence to bring the Scottish crown's influence over British monarchy, was rather an unproductive romantism. I can recognise that the current Scottish nationalist movement is the resemblance to Jacobitism.

I cannot see the benefit of Scotland for becoming independent from Britain. Scottish and British Union is one of the most peacefully created unions in the world history. Furthermore, Scotland still keeps her strong cultural independence and
British authorities allows Scotland to keep it. Unlike the USSR or any despotism in LDCs, British union provides all union member nations with the high industrial productivity and the cultural pluralism. I prefer Scotland to the rest of Britain to enjoy living. Nonetheless, I cannot agree with the full independence claimed the irrational exuberant populistic nationalists.

I would rather want the nation state ends, and encourage the further globalisation. So, Scottish (political) independence is totally against this trend. I think Scottish "cultural" independence is strong enough to survive in any form of political structure. So, I don't think Scotland should stick to her political independence from Britain so much. British nationalism also faces the end any way. I can see the end of nationalism and I aspire to see the further progress of it :)

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