Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Regarding the UN trial to the former Khmer Rouge members

.. Unforgettable disgraceful memories of the Communist Cambodia. This was a dreadful tragedy created by one political sect obsessed with a psychotic ideology.

* Watch this BBC video clip (Click the link to pop up the video on the another screen) first:
Cambodia seeks Khmer Rouge justice

The founders of Khumer Rouge, the communist psychotic dictatorial party was raised up by French Communist party. Although French Communist party may not be directly responsible for the political actions taken by Khmer Rouge, French Communist party has certainly influenced these Cambodian political psycho ultra left wing political revolutionaries. Not only French Communists but also those who have ever been attracted to the USSR style state socialism and those different form of believers of idealistic socialism are somehow responsible for this tragedy. This is a lesson to teach that any form of political administrations which ignores the geometry of the natural market mechanism, and those who believe their theory leads to establish an ideal community by theory will fail to the same mistake as what Khmer Rouge has done...! Even though you (those who believe in your own socialist belief) may think your socialism does not result in the same consequence as what Khmer Rouge has done, your socialism "will" turn up to be a resemblance of what Khmer Rouge has done "inevitably"!

The court said "Rather than the command of your superior authority, you should have listen to the internal human passion". This shows the UN court is based on a type of Customary Law which follows Kantian deontrogism. Although I agree with sentence this former members of Khmer Rouge with any form of negative sanctions, I always disagree with the UN court ethics because I do not trust the Customary Law based on Deontrogy.

My believing law theory, Equity Law, would have stated "You have to be punished at the level which is equitable to the pain of individuals having suffered from disutility provided, any financial loss incurred, and any negative contingent external factors created by your action".

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