Sunday, October 02, 2011

"Fat tax" by Danish governmet penalises poor, reduces the utility of all citizens, and invades freedom of choice!

Referring to BBC News Europe: Fatty food tax' introduced in Denmark

It's NOT a right idea! This policy increases stresses of people! Consuming fat foods actually reduces the over eating because the fat makes our appitite satisfied, and increases a comfort in our brain! This policy is just tax tax tax tax for good good good reason only for the government ego sacrificing individuals' ego!! Freedom choice is invaded in these Scandinavian nations...!

There is a historical fact proving these fat foods are "healthy" in Japan. When Japanese diet changed to eat more these fatty foods, Japanese risk of suffering from tuberculosis went down dramatically. When people started to eat these fatty foods, the intelligence level went up because people started to consume cholesterol which our brain cells are composed of!

Even though Scandinavian nations plan to help poors by keeping the high government expenditure on welfare, this policy in fact penalises the lower income citizens! The reliance for the lower income citizens on fat is high, and important to maintain their good health! Only the people who suffer from consuming these fatty foods are the middle and high income citizens who can afford to consume "extra". These middle and high income citizens just need to have a better knowledge of their diet. But, generally speaking, reliance of the educated middle and high income citizens on the fat is not high relatively. So, the tax effect is not high for these middle and high income citizens (as long as they are knowledgeful enough to be able to balance their diet). The problem is to the lower income citizens. The tax burdened on these people definitely reduces their disposable income or their necessary amount of these fatty foods! Furthermore, although the middle income people may be less negatively affected by this tax than the lower income citizens, the utility of the middle income citizens will go down. The middle income citizens still consume these fatty foods because all human-beings need a certain level of these products. Therefore, it also reduces the disposable income of not only the lower income citizens but also the middle income citizens!

What Danish government says is totally opposite from what they expect expecially for the lower income citizens, and tries to make an excuse to take more tax from the middle and high income citizens!!!

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