Thursday, June 09, 2011

Recommendation of Moral Relativism

I am thinking about moral. As John Locke said Christianity is worth off to exist because it stated the importance of talking about what is the fundamental moral principle and showed the model of a visible sovereign of moral codes even though we do not have to agree with what Christianity says.

This is a benefit of having monotheism such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Atheism (including Confucianism, Western Modern Secularism, and Nihilism). Therefore, although I respect Jesus Christ and believe in God (in a Panentheist way), I do not follow Christian (Christendom) moral principles. I only respect St. John, the baptist, Christ, Mary Magdalene, and St. John, the evangelist, and despise the rest of the saints!

The reason why I detest Marxism is that I can feel the same servileness of these Christian saints I despise from Marxism! This indicates that both Primitive Christianity and Marxism are based on the moral non-naturalism. This is "Ressentiment" making individuals to believe there should be an alternative world which these servile miserable individuals can defeat those who looked them down.

We must realise that this is the only society we live and we can live ever as the outcome of our world we are living in is the mere reflection of our naturality of human-being!

Therefore, there is no such a thing like universal morality all human beings must follow! Moral is relative; the definition of morality varies across time, place, and occasion. So, none has a right to condemn the different morality in any community we do not inhabit! Only the greatest sum of utility and the smallest sum of pain, the power of conqueror, and each individuals' ego-centric decision prevail to define the right morality! Therefore, it is wrong to have one universal absolute moral principle (i.e. the monopoly of moral entrepreneurship)!

In order to realise this fundamental principle of our world, we should at least once study and/or participate into a monotheism to know what is moral, and then become sceptical about it to contradict it.

Anything exists in our world is natural!
Anything we crave for is natural!
We should not keep our eyes and ears off from them!!
Those who voluntary become blind and deaf from this fact and those who blame admitting this fact shall be depreciated!!
Hence, I shall keep speaking of it as an enlightened individual...!

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